Research data and legal issues

What legal issues arise when working with research data?
Have you ever wondered how you can protect your research data or how you can licence them? What about when re-using someone else’s research data? Are there any risks if you don’t use a license?

You may be facing challenges in your #PhD program but you are not alone

#Help is available. We understand! We have been where you are. We are here to help YOU as a friend, consultant or mentor.

How to write effectively for international journals

Use modern tools to manage research literature, analyse published articles and find language teachers to improve manuscripts for publication.

Unpaywall extension adds 200,000th active user

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now supporting over 200,000 active users of the Unpaywall extension for Chrome and Firefox!

Globalspeech jogi beszédfelismerő szoftver

Egy személyre szabott, hangvezérléssel működő dokumentumkészítő platform (jogi beszédfelismerő szoftver), amelynek segítségével bármilyen jogi okiratot elkészíthet egyszerű diktálással.