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Határidő: 08/15/2018

The journal Social Sciences (ISSN 2076-0760) is currently running a Special Issue entitled WORK-FAMILY BALANCE AND GENDER (IN)EQUALITIES IN EUROPE: POLICIES, PROCESSES AND PRACTICES.

PROF. ISABELLA CRESPI is serving as Guest Editor for this issue.

Over the last few decades, important societal developments changed the situation for family practices in term of work-family negotiation and balance. Increasing numbers of women in education and the work force, the new role of fathers as caregivers, as well as providers and the expansion of family-friendly policies and gender equality policies pointed towards more family-friendly and gender equal societies. However, labor markets, as well as welfare states, are undergoing major transitions facing increasing global competition, insecurity and pressure for continuously increased productivity. These challenges have introduced great polarization among employees resulting from the fragmentation in employment arrangements and differential quality of jobs. Thus, conflicting demands and rationalities of work, family and welfare states might collide even in societies with extensive family-friendly policies. As modern working life and family life has become more individualized and flexible with less clear boundaries, debates about work- family dynamics have expanded.

This Special Issue invites proposals that conceptualize and empirically investigate the consequences of work-family policies through which institutions may impact gender (in)equalities within the couples/families.

This Special Issue welcomes papers analysing current situation in a specific European country or comparison among EU countries in a cross-sectional or longitudinal perspective. In particular, papers using statistical and representative datasets and surveys, analyzing data in the light of work-family and gender policies changes and cultural representation, are especially welcome. Methodologically, promising approaches for exploring policy impact and processes include longitudinal data analyses, as well as insightful comparisons within and across countries.
Isabella Crespi Guest Editor

For further reading, please follow the link to the Special Issue Website.

The submission DEADLINE IS 15 AUGUST 2018.

You may send your manuscript now or up until the deadline. Submitted papers should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We also encourage authors to send a short abstract or tentative title to the Editorial Office in advance (

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