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Since its establishment in 1999 and to this day, the Association of Hungarian Doctoral Candidates and Young Researchers in Romania has been a representative organization of Hungarian-language higher education in Romania. A defining and programmatic forum of social and professional-scientific dialogue in Transylvania, AHDCYRR aims to encourage young Romanian Hungarians’ participation in higher education, with special emphasis on the support of the professional development of doctoral candidates and young researchers.

To serve this purpose, diverse activity of AHDCYRR is best described in three basic dimensions: representation of rights, science promotion and communication, and community building. AHDCYRR defines its own activity not only in a Transylvanian context, but also a larger one, through the Carpathian Basin and Europe. Thus, besides collaborations with the most important Transylvanian educational, cultural and social institutions, AHDCYRR plays a significant role in the youth organizations of the Carpathian Basin. This is the result of a widespread relational capital established by the association’s leaders in the past two decades that includes partnerships with similar organizations in Hungary, as well as Slovakia, Serbia and the Ukraine. One of the most important such collaborations is the one with the National Association of Doctoral Candidates and the Hungarian Youth Conference, which ensures the professional development of Hungarian-speaking youth.

Among its many science promotion activites, members of AHDCYRR have taken part in all significant youth researches of the past two decades, as well as the 2013 and 2019 editions of Aranymetszés (Golden Ratio), a research studying the carreer model of professionals holdin a doctoral degree.

The association’s profile is best defined by the scientific events it organizes. An outstanding example is the Interdisciplinar Conference of Doctoral Candidates in Carpathian Basin, which took place once more in 2020, after a four-year hiatus. This annual event is organized by  AHDCYRR in partnership with Babeș–Bolyai University.

Since 2016, our association organizes the annual History Conference for Doctoral Candidates in Transylvania, gathering young historians from all over the region to Oradea each year.

After its refoundation in 2019, the association has aimed to establish closer ties with doctoral schools. We support the participation of students in postgraduate courses, and contrbute to the implementation of scientific conferences at a faculty level. We believe that by supporting bottom-up initiatives and offering specific assistance to different areas of science, we will succeed in creating a network that offers a strong and reliable background infrastructure to young researchers.


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